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Welcome To Darrel Ralph Custom Knife Designs
Available Knives - For Immediate Delivery
AXD 4 Inch Titanium Frame Lock

AXD 4 Inch Titanium Frame lock assisted open

Price: $975.00
AXD 5.5 Expendables

As seen in the hit movie “The Expendables”. This is the knife that Jason Statham carried in the infamous Basketball Court scene.

Price: $1150.00
Chop Sticks - Zirconium
NEW! - Made with high quality blackened zirconium. They are 6 1/2" long and 1/4" thick at the highest point


Price: $300.00
DDR Dominator Level 3



Price: $1650.00
DDR Dominator Level 3 Mokuti Compound



Price: $1650.00
DDR Dominator Level 4



Price: $2450.00
DDR Skull G2

DDR Custom Designed Skulls - Each features the DDR logo in the skull for easy authentication and a "Defensive Tool".

Price: $225.00
Dominator Level 1

Price: $675.00
Dominator Level 2

Price: $975.00
Kubaton Keychain Pen

NEW! Our Titanium Kubaton Pens are hot right now!! They come in an array of colors. Prices for these range $65-$85.

Price: $65.00

These are our Kubatons, They come in an array of different colors! They come with a clamp so you can put them where you'd like!

Price: $39.00
Mokuti Rings

NEW!! Our new Mokuti rings are STUNNING!! They come in 6 different sizes (10-15). These are listed at $250. Order yours today!!

Price: $250.00
Titanium Rings

NEW!! These new items are awesome!! Our new titanium rings come in colors: Blue, Gold, Metallic, and Green.

Price: $99.00

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